Sunday, September 26, 2010

Creative at last scrapbook room has looked like a tornado hit it. I have several ideas for projects and for several weeks I have been collecting the stuff to make these projects. Well, all that collecting has reulted in piles of STUFF. After so long, my poor brain cannot handle all the clutter and I can't think...which means I HAD to get something accomplished. So, about 9:00 on Saturday night, I decided to get some stuff done. In November we are going to have a Relief Society night centered on gratitude. I have been looking for a couple months for some easy, inexpensive craft ideas that would go along with gratitude. These are what I came up with. The count your blessings blocks were really easy---I'm not sure if I love the ribbon, but it needed something. The gratitude subway art---I really like how it turned out. It is on an 8x10 canvas that I painted brown. Then made a word art and cut the vinyl with my silhouette. Last week I broke down and ordered some good vinyl---and now I'm wondering why I waited so long. I think they turned out really cute and they are going to be pretty cheap. Now, if I can just get someone to come to Relief Society....any takers????


  1. They look way cute...when's RS? I won't be around the first week of November...I'll be in Orlando...Florida. Yeah!

  2. Way cute. What else are you doing that night I might have to borrow your ideas for November, the month of being thankful.