Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cold Lunch

Last year at dance a mom was asking why Megan looked so tired. I told her that it seemed like she was always tired and I didn't really know why. She told me that her daughter use to come home grumpy from school everyday and they finally decided that it was because of the school lunch. I thought okay lets give it a try. Megan has taken cold lunch pretty much everyday since then and it really has made a difference. It is kind of a pain to pack lunch and I saw this idea on someones blog and thought I should give it a try.

We took a basket that we used in the summer time and put everything she could possibly need for cold lunches. Chips, drinks, crackers, fruit cups,and little packets of M&M.

Inside of the fridge we packets fruit, veggies, and meat kabobs. Each thing is individually packed and all she has to do is decide in the morning what she would like to eat. Hopefully this will be easy to do on a weekly basis and she won't have to have peanut butter sandwiches everyday.


  1. Great idea. We had the little baggies of carrot sticks/celery at the reunion left over, and Jeff really like being able to just grab one or two and take downstairs to snack on while he watched TV...much better than most snacks.

  2. Ok, REALLY????? Why haven't I done this before. Love this idea!!!! Looking forward to the Wednesday posts.

    All the ideas are great. Please keep them coming!

  3. My kids have also had issues with school lunch; not so much being tired, they just think the food is gross! We've gone to packing cold lunches most days, too. It sure doesn't help with the afterschool munchies, though! I thought they would be eating more and not be so hungry but no such luck.