Saturday, June 19, 2010

Today... I started

So, last weekend I cleaned out my scrapbook room--I didn't really clean it out, I guess I cleaned it UP!As I cleaned out, I put all the stuff that I have bought to make something out of in a tupperware. I put unfinished projects in it too. And I put stuff I just don't know what to do with in there also. Why do I hold on to all this stuff??? So, my first goal is to use this stuff up!!!
So far...
1) used two leftover small magnet boards that I used for mother's day at school two years ago as gifts

2) I think I have had these Valentine card kits for about 3 years---they are put together now and ready to use
3) Finished painting the top and saucer of my chalkboard flowerpot (I don't love the color-but it is what it is) This was my class mother's day project this year, a smaller size. Now I need to find a use for it.

4) I also cleaned out all of my magazines (why do I keep them?) I looked through them and ripped out projects, cards, layouts that I liked. Now I need to cut them to size and put them in my idea binder.

NOW what should I do???


  1. You should come and oraganize/clean my space. Do you want to see a picture?

  2. I think I spent a whole day doing that for you once already, didn't I? YOU choose not to keep it up!!!