Sunday, June 27, 2010

Photo Creativity



We had our Johnson reunion this weekend at Massacre Rocks, so that explains our absence. One of the things on my list of stuff to figure out has been using Photoshop actions on pictures. So, this weekend I took some pictures and thought I would give it a try today. I have to confess that this took me a long time because I was just making it way too hard. Once I figured out that I was doing a LOT of work that I didn't have to, it was really easy--about had it finished, and my computer crashed (of course). So, this has been a several hour project, but I think it was totally worth it--and I figured it out myself. I'm not sure I really loved how the pictured ended up, but not bad for a first try. Now I only need to do it about 20 more times and I will have it down pat. (The action is the Polaroid Emulsion Action from

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  1. So..this wasn't covered in my class, so I'll have to get you to teach me how to do this. I took the class to learn how to do scrapbooking digitally, and actually learned much more about photography and fixing photos than the artful techniques...which was awesome. But now, I'd like to start learning some of these techniques as well...