Friday, March 20, 2015

Sock Monkey

Megan got a sewing machine for Christmas and really wanted to try sewing something. I am not a sewer at ALL. She has been taking FACS in school and seemed to really like the sewing part of it so we found this pattern on pinterest and decided it didn't look to hard.
First thing I told her to do was iron the sock, this is what she came back with, a hole in her sock! She melted the sock to the iron.
Not off to the best start but it did get better. We had to fix the sock and then we were ready to cut out the parts of the monkey and sew them together.
After it was traced on the sock Megan started the sewing. She liked this part but it was a little tricky because you sewed along the line that was drawn on the sock and then cut out the pieces.
After the sewing it was time to stuff the monkey and then sew each piece onto the monkey.
After it was finished I told Megan she needs to sew another one and do it better because now we know how to do. This where we found the pattern

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