Saturday, January 24, 2015

Megan's Closet

Most of the closet for this room was already done. We made the closet organizer last year, we bought the drawers from ikea and then built everything around it. The big problem with this room was when we took the bed out we lost all of her storage, and she had a lot of stuff. It took us a long time to go through her stuff and get rid of a lot of it. It is pretty nice know with the baskets. The labels I found at TJ max, they chalkboard so she can change them up if she puts other things in the basket.
The second coolest thing in the room is the jewelry organizer. It is made from an old kitchen drawer, we ended up being really lucky because Eric was tearing out cabinet in a house and he had one the right size. We found the know at Hobby Lobby.
I can't take any credit for this one, Ashley made it. She painted the outside of the drawer grey and then the inside white. She had to distress it a lot on the inside. It is really cute.

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  1. I've been seeing a lot of drawers made into things lately. May have to try it out. Love the whole thing!