Sunday, September 6, 2015

Office Projects... Part 1

Transitioning out of the classroom and into a office has been difficult this school year. I knew I wanted my office to be decorated just as cute as my classroom, but bright colors were not really appropriate for this setting. I also had a major problem....a very large burgundy/red wall. Now, a little background on me...i HaTe red!! Like, really hate red. I was told it would not be possible to have the red wall painted because the school district painter was already booked for the summer. I was not happy...and I dreaded my office because of it. I did not want to buy anything that would match red. So I put it off. And believe me, I let everyone know of my extreme dislike of this red wall :) Finally, I couldn't put it off any longer, and hauled all my stuff over. When I walked in, the secretary was grinning from ear to ear...."Let's go see your office!" The painter was able to squeeze my office into the schedule and I now have all cream walls. I was ecstatic...and was now ready to begin decorating.

Here are before pictures of the office---very BLAH---but beautiful neutral walls!

I wanted a large chalkboard, so that was my first project. First, we made a frame out of some wood that was laying around. The frame was made to fit a piece of wood that I had already made into a chalkboard.

 I was looking for a distressed, industrial look, so I need to "beat up" the frame. I grabbed some tools for distressing...screwdriver, hammer, screws. I roughed it up with the hammer and a screwdriver. Then I put a bunch of screws in a Ziplock bag and smacked the frame with the entire bag. I won't lie---I had a blast doing this. It made the perfect gouges and marks to make it look old.
 Then I stained it with a dark walnut color, which made all those marks show up even more.

I was in love with the finished project. So easy to complete, but it looks authentic.

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