Sunday, August 25, 2013

Classroom Makeover--Reveal

At the end of the school year, I was thinking about changing my classroom up a little bit. It's been relatively the same for a couple years I felt like I wanted something a little different. I love the combination of turquoise and lime green, and I would be able to use quite a bit of the things I already had. So, I went shopping---in JUNE. (Impressed with myself that I was thinking about this so early in the year). I found some great stuff--really cute baskets--which were my biggest expense, but I {love} them! I went into school about the middle of July and put my classroom together--I figure I spend a lot of time in this room, so it should be something that I like. I really like how it turned out.

Hanging on the door. I've been obsessed with turquoise for a while. Recently obsessed with chevron.

This is my whiteboard--which doesn't get as much use now that I have a big screen TV--so the big black squares will have posters we make as  a class hanging from them...Chevron border:)
My Reading Corner---LOVE it.
I added a green ruffle to the curtains. The rug is from IKEA, recovered some pillow....forgot to get that orange frame painted..haha---I think it's the only think not turquoise or green in the entire room.
I recovered my wooden Read letters. This is the third time I've redone them--I don't think they'll make it through another round.
My new baskets--seriously--there was not way I could pass these up.
Another view of the Reading Corner
Some small details throughout the room.
Clothespins covered with washi tape to hold student work.
My paint cans that hold supplies. I love these because I don't have to see the mess inside.
Small table, with post-its, markers, cleaning cloth for iPads.
This was a Hobby Lobby find. I had to paint the pedestal turquoise--but it is SOO cool.
This is above sink area. I get so many compliments on that globe.
I have to give credit to my brother-in-law for this bulletin board. Every year we have a school-wide theme. (which can get kinda old). This year it is BE.... I had an idea, but it wasn't going to work. And...back to school night was last week. Well...I was beyond stressed--and he pulled through for me. He went and found this real chalkboard at the thrift store and wrote all the math on it. Then, he came and hung it for me. I think it turned out pretty cool.
WOW! That was a lot of pictures--but that's my classroom. It looks so much better in person. Now, I just need my students to come--tomorrow.


  1. I love, love, love it! Let me guess...
    Steve Graf. I'm so impressed with the whole thing. I would love to come and visit and see it in's got to be even better than the photos.

    1. Your guess is correct...Steve helped me...he did it all, except the cutout letters. You're welcome to visit any time because it is cuter than the pictures show.

  2. Totally gorgeous. I might come back to chocolate if I could be in your class. I love the colors...even the orange frame! Good work!

  3. Chocolate? I typed school. Autocorrect needs a better brain.

  4. I love everything you did to your room! I hope you have a great year!

  5. I love all this! Can you tell me where you got the paper lanterns and pom poms?

  6. I love the pennants! Did you make those?

  7. Love, love, love this!! Where did you get your paint cans?

  8. Where did you find the cute green and blue bunting/pennants?

  9. Where did you find the cute green and blue bunting/pennants?

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  11. I loooovvvve your classroom. So welcoming!