Monday, September 2, 2013

Craft room Desk

Sorry it has taken me so long to finish up the post on my scrapbook room. The last thing I wanted to show was the desk. It actually turned out a little different that what we had originally planned to do but it turned out better. I wanted the desk to go on one wall, the one before wrapped around onto two walls but I didn't love it and felt like it took up to much room. I think Steve still wishes that we went on two walls but I love that it is just all on one. A couple of years ago my friend redid her scrapbook room and she had these drawer sets from Pottery Barn and she was getting rid of them so I asked her if I could have them. She was great with giving them to me all I had to do was go and pick them up. There are three of them and they just all sat together against my wall so they pretty much were the inspiration to how I wanted the desk to look.
We lined them up and it gave us a lot of chair space and working space with the three of them, but I had a major problem, I didn't have any way to store 12 X 12 paper. The drawers in the Pottery barn set were actually legal size drawers. We had one drawer from cropper hopper and then a couple of cubby hole boxes from them as well. As you can see from the above picture I had Steve take the cropper hopper boxes and he made another 12X12 drawer for the paper, and then added a small cubby hole to hold paper on top of that so that it was the right size for the top to set on. He also add a small cubby to the already made drawer and then I had the base of my desk done.
It turned out really cool. We didn't really want to wait on Alan to build us a top and we didn't really want it out of plain white board wood so we went to Lowe's and bought the counter top already done. We anchored it on to our drawers and we were done.
One last thing that I did was make these painted mason jars, I have loved how they look so I thought I would give it a try. They were a little harder to do than I thought they would be.
I painted them with a couple of coats of paint and then let them dry over night. I then took sand paper and distressed the, which was the hard part, I had to try a finger nail file but what really worked the best was a 100 grit sandpaper. They work great to hold all of my colored pens and pencils.

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