Sunday, April 14, 2013

Closet Organizer

We made Ashlynn a closet organizer last August and it has been the envy of our house. It is pretty cool and so Megan has wanted one ever since she saw the one for Ashlynn. I like how it looked, but it really was for small kids so I knew that if we did one for Megan it would have to be different. Both of there rooms are small so I knew that we need some kind of dresser in Megan's. I wanted drawers but knew they would be hard to build and hard to find someone that would build them for me for not to much money. The answer was Ikea, we went and bought the drawers there and then build the organizer around it. When we were looking for the dresser I saw one that I really liked that had handles on it so we added handles to it and it makes it pretty cool. The other thing that I wanted was for her to be able to store all of her things that needed to go one it without any problems. We made the bottom shelf a little bit taller and I really like how it turned out.


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