Sunday, April 7, 2013

Carnival Week

This year for carnival I had to pay a lot more attention and actually participate and make sure my kids participated in the weekly events. I would say that each day was a huge success. For Monday we had Mustache Monday. Grandma made shirts for the girls with mustaches on them, they turned out really cute and they were actually a very last minute idea. Then this week we had crazy hair day, my picture didn't turn out but it was some pretty crazy hair. Megan found the idea of putting her hair in a star and then adding glow sticks to it. I am sure not the best idea for class but she had a lot of fun doing it. We also had a decade day and that one was a lot of fun to do. The pictures pretty much tell it all. Good thing for Grandma being able to sew this at the last second. She did have the poodle skirt on hand. Next we had pajama day, pretty easy except my kids don't like to wear pajamas that they wear every night so they usually get new one to wear to school. Last but not least was Super hero day. Again grandma came to the rescue. Megan had a shirt that we bought but for Ashlynn I found a picture on Pinterest and grandma made it for her. She loves it and plans to be Batman for Halloween. There you have it Carnival and I am so very glad that it over. Can't wait until next year.

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