Saturday, July 21, 2012

Picture Frames

I got all my frames hung up--which I didn't end up having to hand them with fishing line---I can't tell you how HAPPY that made me. I really wish I had taken a picture of this before..but I didn't. Off the entryway in the school there is a huge display case. It drives me NUTS!!! There is rarely anything in it, unless the PTO is showing off prizes. It is sponged blue and yellow (school colors). I think it is so tacky and ugly. Well, I asked my principal if she would mind if I did something with it. Yeah--she didn't hesitate AT ALL. So, I bought some black cotton and hung up inside the cases--serious pain because I had to IRON it.  Then, I took all the frames I sprayed and hung them up. Our school theme this year is I AM.... The idea is that you can fill in the blank. So, my vision is that we will get pictures, which I am hoping to change every 4-6 weeks of kids in the school doing different things. I will put the word that going along with what they are doing on the picture--then tack them up in all those frames--36 of them. Well, the bigger ones I am going to put an inspirational thought or quote, so I won't have to print big pictures. I can't wait to get it full of pictures. So--here are the really bad pictures. Just remember---it's glass, it was dark, and it's in the school.

 Pretend that the big frame in the middle is mounted higher--I'm having a hard time getting it to stay up--it's going to take more than pushpins.

I am trying really hard to be okay with the placement. They aren't spaced evenly and it's not symmetrical. But, I know I don't want to start moving them around..because that just leads to moving even more around. Besides--I hardly ever walk by it shouldn't bother me too much.

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