Saturday, July 14, 2012

Classroom Birthdays

I always like to do something for my students' birthdays. At their age...they don't really want to have treats and play games..but they LOVE to have their birthday acknowledged, usually as long as it doesn't involve singing to them. Sidenote: Our principals loves to sing happy birthday to kids in the lunchroom...It really is kind of cute when the whole lunchroom is singing happy birthday to you (as long as it's not me---which has happened). However, I am not very good at remembering to acknowledge their birthdays. I always post it on the calendar and I like to have something I can put on their desk--which I usually do the night before--so then I know I at least remembered. I am going to put my cute wooden balloon on their desk the day of their birthday--that way everyone will remember---I'm just hoping I don't have multiple birthdays on the same day.

I'm hoping these pop rocks will stay good all year (do they go bad?) My starbursts I used last year were rock hard by May.

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