Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Over..

School...that is.
This has been a very interesting year. I have been SOOO busy with school things all year, that I don't think I have accomplished much else. It's good for it to be over. That is one thing I like about teaching school, you get to have a break and start over again. I am looking forward to a nice summer---with no summer school :) I will be going to several classes and a I have quite a bit of school "work" that I have to get done this summer, but I am hoping that I can find time to do some fun and crafty things. The last week of school, we made slime---which was a huge hit. We did learn that Neon food coloring makes AWESOME colored slime--but it also stains your hands really bad. I got the recipe for my slime from Steve Spangler's website.
One of my girls made this for me out of her slime---made my day.

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