Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shutter Board photo holder

I have wanted to do something to this effect for a couple of years---but I could never find any shutters (so if anyone know where some are--I want them). Instead at an estate (junk) sale, I found some of those swinging kitchen doors for $3. I figured I could at least figure out how to get all of the slats painted, so when I found what I really wanted I would be ready.
Well, when mom painted her living room--we said she had to have some new decor---and get rid of all the 20+ mismatched frames with the grandkids' pictures in them. I thought the shutter thing would really work.  I don't think she thought it was such a great idea--but she rarely like my ideas.
I finally got it painted--which was pretty painless, we hung it, clipped the pictures on with binder clips and......I really like it. We think we need one more section, to have three and enough room for all the pictures. It looks much better hanging on the wall than it does here. I definitely breathed a sigh of relief that it looked decent.

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