Thursday, November 24, 2011

Family Caring & Sharing

So... I used to work with one of the ladies that really helped with the Caring & Sharing, so every year she calls me and asks if my family, or I, would be willing to do something. I have a little problem (okay, big problem) and I can't usually tell people no. So, I said yeah, we can do something. I had a few ideas, but they kept getting pushed back and back because I never had time to do them. So, this was all done at the last minute. I knew I wanted to do a window, and Merlynn found a couple at an estate sale a few weeks ago. I spray painted it, then sanded it. I think it turned out cute. I was kind of bummed when I took the stuff over because there were quite a few windows this year. It is really simple and I only screwed the vinyl up once.

I really like the shutters we did for mom, so I wanted to do one that would be a wall hanging with a wreath on it. My aunt Janell had a set of the swinging doors that she gave me and I spray painted them glass. Let's just say, 30 degree weather is NOT the best time to be spray painting anything. But, the sun was shining last Saturday and I got them finished. The wreath--that was quite a pain. I just hope no one can tell I had to dismantle the $20 wreath I bought and wire it on to a $3 so it would look right. But, I think it turned out okay.

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