Friday, November 11, 2011

Forget Not..

Wow...we had a big Relief Society night last night. I've been working on it for a while. Of course, I forgot to take my camera to take pictures, so you get the mock-up version, which really doesn't look as good. It turned out to be a really pretty good night. I was happy with it...and completely exhausted afterward. We based the night on President Uchtdorf's talk from the General Relief Society broadcast, Forget Not. He had five things that women should not forget, one for each of the petals of a forget-me-not flower. These were our table centerpieces. I had lanterns on three and then stacks of old books on the other three. I will admit I was pretty nervous about it, but they looked great when they were done. Merlynn found the cool old glass canning jars at an estate sale last week.

 This was the time intensive part. We made a small stitching of a forget-me-not flower as a reminder of those important things we need to remember. Here they are all stacked up. I was able to incorporate them into my table decorations.

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  1. Wow. You certainly go to alot of work for these things. Mom invited me, but I worked late and was totally exhausted after the week I'd had. Sorry I missed it though. Looks wonderful. Love the old lanterns.