Saturday, August 7, 2010

..finishing up projects

Well, for the past few days, I have needed to finish up some projects and get my countertop CLEANED off!!!---it was starting to give me anxiety. I have also been trying to gather and finish stuff up for the reunion. I made up little cardstock things for the necklaces we are making for the Christmas Council, so they will look nicely packaged.
I finished up this card for PTO--it will go in the pocket of the cake mixes---which are now completely DONE!!!!!

Next I finished the Rolodex that has all of my student engagement ideas in one place--not really exciting, but it's finished.

This is a little basket of fun teacher-y stuff to give to Renae Higley, who I visit teach. Her birthday is the day after school starts, so I thought that would be fun to get. I love the little monkey on the tag!!!

...okay, on to more projects to get finished!!!!

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