Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Snowflakes--Pallets and Pillows

I gave my friend a "White Christmas" for her gift. Everything in it was white, but I needed some good handmade stuff in it. So--I searched Pinterest for ideas. I did this fun pillow cover. I sketched out a snowflake with a pencil and then hot glued the buttons on. It was  a lot easier than I thought--and I even did it myself :)

This one I'm just in LOVE with. This guy is made from pallet wood we had left over from another project and nailed together in the shape of a snowflake. Pretty simple (once we got the size and shape figured out). I love how rustic looking it is.


  1. the burlap printed letters. I'm assuming you made each in their initial? And...I love, love, love the wood snowflake.

  2. AND....I love the pillow. And I'm really impressed that you did it yourself!