Friday, February 1, 2013

Ashley told me that it was my turn to post something, and I haven't really been doing anything so I decided that Project Life would be a good topic today. Last year I really didn't want to do Project Life at all, but Steve convinced me to do it by saying that he would help out with it and actually do most of it. He really likes taking pictures so I thought well I guess that would be okay. I ordered the kit Clemintine and January started and he did really good, but pretty quickly tapered off, so it was left to me. I will admit that I really had a hard time doing it again this year and that is why I am posting this, it isn't done.
Last year we basically did a picture a day, and I loved it and so do my kids. This year I took pictures of things happening, but not necessary by day or even by week. In June I caught myself up on pictures, but my journaling is no where close to being done. At this point I still need to add pictures from December on.
I can say that life took a turn on us this year and I am really glad that I had Project Life to document it. If I hadn't started it I would not have documented or even printed the pictures from Steve's mom's funeral. I am so glad that I do have somewhere to put these things. So for 2013 I have again purchased Project Life Seafoam and this year I am going to just document what feels right. There will be no pressure to have daily or even weekly pictures. I have a feeling that it will mostly be an event filled binder and that okay, because at least I will have the story written down and the pictures printed off and not just sitting on a hard drive. I am hoping to have everything caught up by the first of March. Wish me Luck and lots of it.

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