Monday, October 29, 2012

This year I did another Halloween party for Megan and her friends. I found off of Kara's party ideas a cute Witches ball party. She had lots of pictures and printables that you could buy so we went with that. I had one week to get the invitations out and have the party ready. One of the really cute things that she did was a witches dress, she bought one at the thrift store and dyed it black, so we looked and were lucky enought to find a wedding dress at DI. I dyed it using two bottles of the Rit dye and it turned it purple. Purple was not the color I was looking for so next I bought a couple of can of the cheap Walmart paint and spray painted it black. The purple was still in the dress but for the most part it was black. I also borrowed a dress form from grandma and there I had the cutest decoration for outside my door. The old broken door also came from grandma, it added a lot for the dress to lean up against.

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