Wednesday, October 31, 2012

For the witches ball I had Cinda come over and paint the girls nails and they loved it. We also let them each decorate a witches hat, they turned out pretty cute and then we took pictures of each of them in there hat. Most of the girls wanted to just go outside and play.
Because it was right after school we had food ready for them to eat. We had these cute cupcakes that looked like a witch fell into the pot, the pots were really hard to find. The feet are printed from Kara's party and the legs are colored straws.
I made the pretzel broomsticks, I didn't eat one but Ash said they were a little soggy from sitting. They probably only sat there for less than one hour.
I had a few other games but they really just wanted to be outside and play without us. We did play the candy bar game but instead of gloves we had them put witch fingers on. They loved that also.
I think Megan was pretty excited about the whole thing and all the girls had a lot of fun.

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