Friday, August 17, 2012

Chair redo

 I am so excited about this next project. I LOVE turquoise..there's just something about that color that gets me. It probably makes up almost half of my's the predominate color in my classroom..and I own 3...maybe 4 shoes that are turquoise. Yep..I love it. Well, I have wanted to paint a piece of furniture turquoise for forever. I would love a turquoise desk or dresser! I'm always a little scared to go that big though. So...I went with a chair. I sprayed it a turquoise color, then put the black material on the the seat and I am IN.LOVE. I took it to my classroom with a cute little white desk, and a frame above it, yep turquoise.
This is a frame that we have been making a lot of lately..inspired by my favorite wood store:) I downloaded the printable from eighteen25, and gave it to my cousin who is getting married next month. I think it turned out pretty cute. Hopefully soon, Merlynn will be showing us how we used these cute frames in her house!!!

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