Monday, January 2, 2012

Project Life

I am so excited to say that I did it, I finished Project Life and it isn't three months late. I will admit I do have a few pictures to add and a little bit of writing to add about Christmas but I could close the book and call it good if I wanted to. I finished the last of the cards last night, and I am pretty proud of myself. We are going to try and do it again this year and I am hoping that we can stick with it. I will do pretty much the same format,nothing fancy and just keep up on it. Steve is going to work on it with me and his goal is to try and get me in the pictures more often, we will see if that really works, I counted and was only in the book 10 times.

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  1. Im so excited to see someone who actually completed the project! I have wanted to do this for a few years but really couldn't make the jump. I have decided that for now I am going to do my own version by weeks, and if thats too much I will do a month. IF I can complete it for 2012 I will allow myself to get the kit for 2013! Now let's hope I can do it.