Sunday, January 22, 2012

Baking Party

Megan wanted a birthday party this year so I gave her a few choices and she picked a baking party. Ashley helped me find some ideas and the party turned out pretty fun.

We had my mom make apron's and chef hats for the girls. The apron's were really cute and the chef's hat were white. Melanie came over the day before the party and she figured out how to make flowers out of coffee filters and cup cake holders. The girls loved making them and adding them to there hats. They made pizza and each decorated a cake of there own.

For the drinks I have seen this around in a lot of different place. I got a jam jar and covered it with a ribbon and then added a flower. Really easy and very cute.

For decorations I did a cupcake/coffee filter garland. It was easy, I bought different cupcake holders, coffee filters and just put a string through it. I also used a few doilies to add something a little different. The girls thought it was pretty fun.

For the cupcake decorations I couldn't find anything except Valentines colors so that is what they got. I put them in some glass goblets and it worked great. The cakes were very interesting to say the least. Each girl had a different take on what it should look like, some used a lot of decorations and some used only a little. I was glad to send the cakes home with them, I am sure there mothers didn't feel the same.


  1. How cute. How do I get on the list with your mother? I can't believe all the things she makes for you girls...and doesn't post them herself. Wow. No wonder Danelle told me she wants to be the kind of Grandma...Aunt Margene is. I'm a dud.

    1. When one of the girls was leaving her mom asked where I got the hats and I told her my mom. The little girl said, we should have a grandma like that.