Sunday, February 27, 2011


Back at Christmas when I did the canvas for Aubrie's play house---I was looking around for ideas and saw a set of three large canvases that I really liked. So--I found a shape I could make work on my Silhouette and cut the vinyl....and the quit because honestly, it was not looking good. So I shoved them on to a shelf. About three or four weeks ago---I wanted to finish all the unfinished project laying around, so I pulled them out again. I stuck the vinyl on the canvas and went to town spray painting. The whole time I was hoping they would be okay--and knew that I could just spray paint over it if I didn't like them. Amazingly---I really like them. After three weeks I finally bought some nails (yeah--funny---I had to BUY nails to hang them up). I think they look really good. Here are a few pictures of the process
First I spray painted the canvases a cream color, then I applied my design, which I had cut out of vinyl..

Then I spray painted them brown. You can kind of see that vinyl. When they were dry, I pulled the vinyl off. 
I had a really hard time getting a good picture of them without a really bad glare and looking brown.

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  1. I really like them. How would you like to come down to my house and finish all my projects for me?'d have to move in I'm sure.