Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother's Day Chevron Frames

Coming up with a Mother's Day project for my students is always a little tricky. I like to have them do something that their moms might actually use and appreciate...And it needs to be cute:) Last year, we painted a chalkboard board, which we wrapped with ribbon and placed their picture on---it was pretty cute and the kids loving being able to write on the chalkboard. I really liked the fanciness of the boards--but I wanted them to stand on their own. Sooo---I adjusted last year's a little bit and came up with this year's Mother's Day gift. I must say it is my favorite. It's only taken 11 years to come up with something I absolutely LOVE!

We started with painting the boards gray. Several coats. A lot of patience.
Then, I put vinyl chevron on each frame.
Now came the kids' favorite part--picking the color.  I had some adventurous students who decided to use two colors. They had to be careful not to paint the sides. They did a lot better than I thought. I made a quick run to Haun's during lunch for sandpaper--and we had any mishaps fixed by three.  We ( have a slight chevron obsession this year, so the kids were pretty excited to pull off the vinyl and have perfect chevron stripes. We added their pictures---and I loved them. SOOO cute!!!

I just had to put them all up to enjoy, even if it was only for a few hours.

I let the kids wrap them, they made a tag, and we tied it with a bow. They were pretty proud of themselves. Hope their moms loved them.

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