Saturday, April 28, 2012

Graduation Announcement

It is pretty much May....the worst, yet best month of the year (that's my opinion anyway). It is a crazy busy month. I have a niece and nephew both graduating this year. Way back in the fall, we took Annelise's senior pictures...actually Merlynn took them.....except the awesome yellow door one, which I took. She wanted me to make her graduation announcment as well. She chose the design, then I made it work for the pictures we had---it's not the most exciting announcement, but it was what she wanted. We made her do a little bit of "jumping" so we could use that as a thank you, which I thought turned out pretty cute.

As I am looking at it now, I think maybe I should move her name lower or underneath her...hmmm.....


  1. Steve didn't think we took these picture. The thank you looks good

  2. How could Steve question that zebra chair...??? These are way cool. Love them all.