Saturday, February 12, 2011


Here is the start of my Valentine's. I'll try to get back later today and provide links for the free printables I've used. Isn't the CRUSH stinkin' cute. I really wish I could use it for school. But, I don't think the glass bottles would really work out too well. I also found a relaly cute game for my party on Stacey Julian's blog---It's a Minute to Win It Valentine game she made up---I'm really excited to try it.
 She also had a link to her sister's site that had a fun acupid's arrow game I'm going to try out.

These are McKynzie's for her class
She's also doing the bouncy ball one off of Crafting Chicks
(she stays for afternoon kindergarten--so she needs two)

These are Tyler's for his class

This is for the teachers.

This is what I'm giving my class.
I found this off TaterTots & Jello

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  1. Honey, you have way too much free time. I didn't even have time to do any valentine's for my very own family - all 9 of them!! Very cute projects!!